Argumentative essays on technology

April 27, 2017


A great argumentative essay should have the ability to present the writer’s sights with details, amounts, proof and reason backing up. It ought to also leave room for other people who would like to refute the writer’s claims, as lengthy additionally they support their claims with details. In a nutshell, a great argumentative essay reveals a dialogue about different queries about society, ethics, medicine, as well as technology. Here are 22 subjects that permit an exchange of sights and sentiments among peers.

  1. The growing utilization of social networking in personal, business and marketing fields. May be the use an excessive amount of?
  2. Is using computer systems in schools as soon as elementary schools a positive thing?
  3. May be the development of using Internet a bad or good factor
  4. Has a choice of online studies decreased the need for face-to-face learning?
  5. Will game titles be utilized for teaching tools later on?
  6. Should people accept using identity chips?
  7. If the rapid increase in military/tactical technology be looked into?
  8. Using technology in organ transplantation
  9. Has using phones from the youthful age decreased the need to visit outdoors and also have a face-to-face interaction?
  10. Using technology to clone humans and creatures
  11. Growing role of robotics within our lives.
  12. Business’ sole reliance upon technology. Could it be an excessive amount of?
  13. Using drones to conduct projects outdoors from the military. Could it be advisable?
  14. The opportunity to use technology to produce a disease-free child. Is the fact that ethical?
  15. Has dna testing on humans transformed the way you tackle illnesses in a great way?
  16. The potential of our cars driving themselves. Is the fact that a positive thing for all of us?
  17. Should the increase in mental ailments be blamed increasing in using technology?
  18. Has technology transformed the way in which we glance at books? Is that this a bad or good factor?
  19. How youthful is simply too youthful to learn to make use of a computer in order to possess a tablet?
  20. The growing utilization of nanotechnology and just how it might change our way of life soon.
  21. Shall we be starting to depend an excessive amount of on the computer systems, pills and mobile phones?
  22. Is using genetically modified food great for our physiques? Does it become our primary supply of diet? Will this be great for all of us?

When writing an argumentative essay, keep in mind that it ought to open dialogue among peers. However, any opinion you place in writing ought to be supported by a few details and proof. When getting attorney at law together with your peers, most probably to what they say around the subject as lengthy additionally they back their words track of details.

Argumentative Essays 01 - Debatable & Non Debatable Statements
Argumentative Essays 01 - Debatable & Non Debatable Statements
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3. IELTS argument essay demonstration
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