Better late than never essay

December 31, 2016

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“Better late than never” is definitely an ancient proverb having a deep hidden meaning. Repeatedly we are told to accomplish the duties designated to all of us promptly and being lazy the majority of us neglect to inflict designated focus on time. It makes sense we completely steer clear of the work and prevent doing the work further.

Yes it is important to finish a piece promptly but furthermore important is finishing the job. Here comes the value of the proverb “better late than never” meaning it's all to be late in finishing a task than never doing the work. What's essential is carrying it out.

This proverb could be best described using the illustration of the storyline from the rabbit and also the tortoise. Not so long ago, a rabbit along with a tortoise made the decision to compete for any race. The rabbit chuckled in the tortoise for considering rivaling him and for that reason he was certain that he'll win. They began the race and also the rabbit began running. Following a couple of miles, he switched back and saw the tortoise was completely from sight. He believed that the tortoise can't ever win the race and also, since it had been from his sight, he made the decision to rest. As they was sleeping the tortoise surpassed him and won the race.

Due to ale running fast, the rabbit was clearly likely to win. However the tortoise perfectly understood the significance of the saying “better late than never” and therefore it began competing gradually, but continuously and therefore won the race. It's also worth noting that if someone begins carrying out a work, today or tomorrow they're certain to finish the job and succeed.

Better late than never

Thinking that it's impossible to accomplish a piece can lead to the job being never completed because it wasn't even began in the to begin with. It's human instinct that whenever one notices that the jobs are difficult she or he simply decides to stop, the most important thing here's to know the truth that giving up should not be also regarded as a choice.

Steady but very slow may also win the race. All of the students have different character, if your student decides that she or he will study all year round, that each will stand 1st or 2nd within the class. You will find also students who practice a evening prior to the exam. These students will also get marketed to another class. But could students who not study whatsoever or who studies following the exam is marketed to another class. The reply is No. it is best to review late, in the last moment additionally that to flee studying totally.

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