Gay marriage argument essay

October 12, 2013

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The problem it appears is that this. The folks in opposition to same-sex marraige are loons. They oppose it to have an idealogical reason, and will not be reasoned with politicially, anymore than propopnents will. Opposition into it is bigoted and wrong. However they view it as truth. Gay is evil. Therefore, the only method to get equal privileges would be to fight within the legislation. Since you can't convince individuals who constitute their mind with no information, strictly for idealogical reasons. -*Gen. S.T. Shrink* Arrive at the bunker 22:50, 14 This summer 2008 (EDT)

I would not say you can't really change individuals minds. We have made headway about this problem, and closed the space in polls. This problem ought to be made the decision through the people, and never by courts. Liberal10 00:31, 28 This summer 2008 (EDT) Well obviously it isn't. Abolition and civil privileges told us that. But should not we have learned from your mistakes that perhaps it ought to have completed just a little faster? And wouldn't the easiest method to do this be to fight? Since it is not coming in the near future, with the majority of the country living is Jesusland? Once the bible is changing the metabolic rate? I simply think the best way to cope with it's to fight. Because there's no convincing people who've composed their brains already. - Gen. S.T. Shrink Now where did I put that Boeing.. 00:39, 28 This summer 2008 (EDT) This is a strange argument. Surely all politics is dependant on ideology to some degree. Don't we support same-sex marriage for ideological reasons too? -AKjeldsen06:54, 28 This summer 2008 (EDT) I am less than sure which little bit of the argument you believe is strange, AKjeldsen. It's clearly necessary, at some level, to battle for change - to create the problems to folks. I'd make use of the good examples of abolition and also the emancipation of ladies - a lot of social agitation was essential to sensitise society towards the issues. Would society have moved just like rapidly with no abolitionists and also the suffragettes? I believe not - but, hey, you are the historian. For it being "ideological" yes, you can express it is - but no much more than abolition and emancipation pointed out earlier.-Bob bing up 10:02, 28 This summer 2008 (EDT)

I've mixed feelings about all marriage because it confers legal privileges around the parties which might be mistreated, particularly if you'll be able to divorce later on. (This includes citizenship or residency privileges conferred by government authorities.) However, for 2 people creating a "commitment" there's the issue that marriage changes the dynamics of the relationship. I understand of numerous couples who've co-habited for several years as well as had children, however their relationship deteriorated after they managed to get legal. Modern marriage is really a different institution to that particular in our stone-age forefathers. People are in possession of different aspirations and anticipation - women are no more regarded as as chattels. The legal act of marriage imposes limitations and forces a few to remain together through temporary rough patches. The entire problem becomes very complicated however i believe that the best goal of marriage ought to be to create a stable happy relationship between a couple especially should they have children (or adopt). Unhappy traditional partnerships could be more harmful for kids than say a same-sex couple with kids of some provenance. Regrettably society frequently encourages early marriage with disastrous effects. I understand I'm not exactly the same person who I had been after i married 20+ years back and am much more not the same as the 18 year-old adolescent co-habiting with my first "love". When the accessibility to same-sex marriage encourages people to take part in a lengthy-term stable relationship i then regard it as being advantageous for society generally. Genghis 15:27, 28 This summer 2008 (EDT)

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