Ban smoking in public places essay

September 16, 2016

Ban smoking in public places

It's an illustration of an essay where you need to provide your opinion whether you agree or disagree.

The sample answer demonstrates how you are able to present the opposing argument first, that's not your opinion, after which present your opinion within the following paragraph.

It is usually smart to present a well-balanced essay which presents each side from the argument, however, you should always allow it to be very obvious what your opinion is and are you going to from the argument you support.

You need to spend about 40 minutes about this task.

Talk about the next subject:

Smoking not just harms the smoker, but additionally individuals who're nearby. Therefore, smoking ought to be banned in public areas.

How much would you agree or disagree?

Give causes of the way to go and can include any relevant good examples out of your own experience or understanding.

You need to write a minimum of 250 words.

Model Answer

Medical research has proven that smoking not just results in health issues for that smoker, but in addition for people near by. Consequently of the, many think that smoking shouldn't be permitted in public areas. Although you will find arguments on sides, I strongly agree that the prohibit is easily the most appropriate strategy.

Competitors of these a prohibit argue against it for many reasons. First of all, they are saying that passive people who smoke make careful analysis inhale the other party's smoke by visiting places where it's permitted. When they would like to not smoke passively, they don't need to visit places where smoking is allowed. Additionally, they feel a prohibit might drive many bars and pubs bankrupt as people who smoke wouldn't visit any longer. Additionally they argue it's a few freedom of preference. Smoking isn't illegal, so people should cost nothing to smoke where they want.

However, you will find more convincing arguments towards a prohibit. First of all, it has been established that tobacco includes cancer causing compounds which cause serious injury to an individual's health, not just the smoker. Anybody around them can be cultivated cancer from the lung area, throat and mouth, along with other sites in your body. It's just not fair to impose this upon someone else. It's also the situation that people’s health is much more important than companies. Regardless, pubs and restaurants could adjust to a prohibit by, for instance, permitting smoking areas .

To conclude, it's obvious that it ought to be made illegal to smoke in public areas. This could improve the healthiness of 1000's of individuals, which is most certainly an optimistic development.

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This essay is well-organized and presented.

The introduction is obvious - note the way it follows the prohibit smoking in public areas essay question - it paraphrases the data to be able to introduce the subject and also the argument.

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