Cause and effect essay About obesity

January 6, 2017

Cause and Effect Essay Writing

This can be a expected outcomes essay on weight problems (being obese or too body fat). It's split into four sentences:

  • introduction
  • causes
  • effects
  • conclusion

Attempt to are designed for three causes and three effects. Give good examples for every one. This is a diagram with a few ideas – click for any bigger image.

Weight problems has turned into a major issue in the UAE. Over 60% of Emirati excellent are overweight. This can be a difficult trouble with many serious effects around the individual and country.

Weight problems could be split into three primary causes – diet, lifestyle and education. Among the chief causes is diet. Youthful Emiratis eat increasingly more high-carb, high-body fat hamburgers and pizza in fast-food restaurants. However, some traditional meals will also be very oily, and due to growing affluence are eaten more frequently than previously. Lifestyle is another primary reason for weight problems. Consequently of cheap foreign work, many Emiratis are in possession of sedentary jobs, and don't get some exercise regularly. However, among the primary causes is insufficient education and awareness. The society’s attitude to food frequently results in over-consumption. Parents don't train good eating routine to children, and lots of people lack understanding about good diet or perhaps a balance diet.

Weight problems affects the person and also the country. The greatest effect is around the individual. To begin with, being obese has health problems. Weight problems can result in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, along with other conditions. The standard of existence suffers, because it is hard to enjoy exercise or move. Another outcome is insufficient self-esteem. This may lead to depression, seating disorder for you and fad diets. The nation can also be affected. It might be very costly for that government to supply advanced health care for example heart transplants. Unhealthy people will also be less productive. as well as their children learn poor eating routine.

Weight problems or perhaps being obese has serious effects around the individual and also the society. Both have to do something to look at what causes this issue and discover solutions.

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