Cause and effect essay assignment

November 26, 2012

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With this assignment, you'll sort out the prewriting and drafting stages of the writing process inside a expected outcomes essay.


1. Evaluate the certifying rubric as listed in this article.

2. Pick the writing prompt around the “Cause And Effect Essay: Writing Prompt” page.

3. Produce a prewriting in design for your decision for that prompt. Evaluate the prewriting videos around the “My Writing Process: Prewriting and Draft” page as needed.

4. Create a draft based on the following:

  • The least 3 typed, double-spread pages (about 600-750 words), Occasions New Roman, 12 pt font size
  • MLA formatting (begin to see the “Formatting Style for Papers” page when needed)
  • Posted as whether .doc.docx.rtf file

*Papers posted that don't satisfy the needs is going to be came back for you ungraded.

Make sure to:

  • Develop an essay produced by examining causes or effects or even the prompt
  • Choose something you love to ensure that the narration is really a way of interacting a concept
  • Include figures, conflict, physical particulars as appropriate to assist your essay come to life
  • Produce a sequence of occasions inside a plot to aid the logical flow of the essay
  • Develop a tempting title
  • Make use of the summary of pull the readers to your singular experience
  • Avoid addressing a job directly (Don’t write “I will write about…” – this takes the enjoyment from reading through the job!)
  • Allow the essay reflect your personal voice (Is the voice serious? Humorous? Matter-of-fact?)
  • Avoid “telling” your readers by what happened. Rather, “show” what goes on using active verbs and/or concrete and descriptive nouns and particulars.

5. Submit your prewriting and draft like a single file upload.

*Should you developed your prewriting manually in writing, scan or have a picture of the prewriting, load the look on your computer, after which place the look on the separate page after your draft.

cause and effect sentence assignment 1
cause and effect sentence assignment 1
Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
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