Cause and effect essay introduction

October 1, 2016

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Expected outcomes Essays give explanations why something happened. They explain either the situations or actions that triggered something to occur, or they explain the results from something which happened.

Cause Effect
driving under the influence accidents
more and more people are shopping on the web malls are closing
individuals who do more exercise live longer


The introduction starts having a sentence that catches the reader’s attention. Following a catch (hook), the hooking up information can provide history, or good reasons to prepare the visitors for that thesis statement. The thesis statement then should condition your situation clearly showing regardless of whether you will concentrate on cause or effect. This may also range from the points you'll develop within your body sentences.

Expected outcomes Essays could be organized in three fundamental designs: an emphasis on causes, an emphasis on effects, and a spotlight on the chain of occasions frequently call the domino effect.

Good examples of Thesis Claims:

  • Concentrate on Cause Thesis Statement: Environmental noise is triggered largely by three factors: the growing quantity of cars, the rise utilization of technology, and also the need for bigger industry.
  • Concentrate on Effects Thesis Statement: As environmental noise increases, particularly in urban centers, it's significant effects around the physical and also the mental health of those.
  • Domino Thesis Statement: Eventually, as unemployment continues in the current amounts, society will achieve a condition of despair that can lead to anarchy.

Cause and Effect Diagram Body Sentences

  • Each body paragraph props up thesis statement by determining whether cause or effect.
  • The supporting particulars all connect with the subject sentence. They might include good examples, details, or explanations.
  • The business of every body paragraph is coherent using appropriate transition words.

The Final Outcome

  • The final outcome restates the thesis statement from the essay.
  • It might summarize the primary ideas
  • It might leave a suggestion.

Helpful Transitions for Indicating Cause

When presenting a noun phrase which will express an underlying cause, use consequently of, or due to.

  • Because the a direct result climatic change, many regions are going through heavier rain fall.
  • Many regions are going through heavier rain fall because the a direct result climatic change.
  • Due to the ultimate climate conditions, all plane tickets within the Northeast happen to be canceled.
  • All plane tickets within the Northeast happen to be canceled ecause of the ultimate climate conditions.

Helpful Transitions for Indicating Effect

Introduce effects using such words as consequently, therefore, or like a results.

  • Manufactures have used GMO meals increasingly more consequently, the instances of food allergic reactions happen to be growing.
  • All plane tickets happen to be cancelled. Therefore, people must rebook their plane tickets.
  • Within the 2009 economic decline a lot of companies let go employees. Consequently, the unemployment rate elevated significantly.

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Causal Analysis Essays: An Introduction and Overview
Causal Analysis Essays: An Introduction and Overview
04 Introduction - Cause and Effect
04 Introduction - Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
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