Cause and effect essay on global warming

May 14, 2016

I wrote a cause and effect

Introduction and meaning: The increase in earth’s surface temperature as a result of green house effect is known as Climatic Change. The thickening of earth atmosphere due to existence of elevated co2 along with other green house gases is known as green house effect.

What can cause Climatic Change?

1. Deforestation and industrial pollutants lead to a rise green house gases (for example carbon-dioxide) around earth’s atmosphere.

2. These green house gases traps and soaks up atmospheric warmth and eventually causes Climatic change (a rise earth’s surface temperature).

Effects / Impact of Climatic Change

If Climatic change continues the planet would are in danger. The main effects and impacts of Climatic Change are:

1. Global Warming: Climatic change is leading to global warming. The world’s has become warmer and warmer. There's also conjecture of regional climate changes across the ecosystem.

2. Ocean Level Change: One major results of climatic change developing from green house effect is the increase in ocean level. Four major changes occur just before this. They're: Thermal expansion, mountain glacier melting, Greenland ice sheet melting and Polar (Arctic and Antarctic) ice sheet melting. Thus, the seaside metropolitan areas and ports might be immersed under ocean-water. Many islands may vanish in the earth surface in addition to in the world map.

3. Water Balance: Although alterations in ocean-level have obtained much publicity, problems water availability could be more severe and possibly more costly to resolve. Later on, warmer world will face water crisis in certain parts during other regions it will likely be wetter than now.

There's uncertainty regarding regional predictions of future precipitation as warming of globe causes it to be hard to predict. Also, pattern of farming changes, or effects on environments generally are fairly unpredictable.

4. Human Health: A persons health is defined in danger due to Climatic change. Recently, there has been more recent reviews of spread of major tropical illnesses with altering climate. Because the earth becomes warmer, increasing numbers of people could be impacted by tropical illnesses.

Global Warming Effects
Global Warming Effects
Global Warming: Effect and Cause
Global Warming: Effect and Cause
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