Cause And effect essay Structure

June 28, 2016


This kind of essay is targeted on ale the author for connecting the reason why the items happen and also the effects they may have. Quite simply it's the link between what causes occasions and also the effects this cause dress in any examined aspect. A expected outcomes essay is made to organize the discussion from the ideas of the certain subject (its causes and results).

Because the situation examined within the expected outcomes essay might have different background you will find three structures that might be applied. Each situation requires only on from the three structure variants.
1 variant - Multiple causes ® one effect

  • Thesis statement (mentions the overall aftereffect of the problem mentioning three causes that cause this kind of effect)

Ex. Child violence is triggered by insufficient parental attention, parental abuse and parental immaturity.

  • First cause (a far more detailed check out insufficient parental attention with two minor supports)
  • Second cause (a far more detailed check out parental abuse using two minor supports)
  • Third cause (a far more detailed check out parental immaturity with the aid of two minor supports)

2 variant Body cause® multiple effects

  • Thesis statement (mentions that certain factor results in a number of effects).

Ex. Watching violent films includes a great effect on the child’s mental and physiological condition.

  • First number of effects (mental effects)
  • Second number of effects (physiological effects)

3 variant - Causal chain (Domino effect)

  • Thesis statement (mentions the foremost and the final areas of the chain)

Ex. Considering art results in poor leads to language class.

  • First domino (considering art ®forgot to accept medicine
  • Second domino (with no medicine couldn't get enough sleep)
  • Thirst domino (being tired couldn't discover the research for that language class)
  • Last domino (being not prepared for class acquired an undesirable mark).

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Text Structure Cause.Effect
Text Structure Cause.Effect
Cause and Effect Essay
Cause and Effect Essay
Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
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