Cause effect essay outline

July 7, 2015

Cause effect essay outline

Focus Question: Just how can an underlying cause-and-effect essay be organized diversely?

Part 1

“During the final lesson, we read ‘The Results of Becoming an Athlete’ and completed a picture organizer that listed specific results of becoming an athlete. Have a couple of minutes to revisit this essay. When you are finished rereading it, return and identify how you feel is the essay’s thesis statement.” After students have completely finished returning to the essay, request them to indicate the thesis statement then request these to find out the evidence the author uses to aid the thesis. For instance, within the paragraph about growing physical capabilities, the writer gives details showing that taking part inside a sport increases speed, muscular mass, stamina, lung capacity, and elasticity.

“Now remove the thesis statement and listing of causes/effects that you simply authored throughout the final lesson. Just like ‘The Results of Becoming an Athlete’ provides support because of its claim, you have to support your personal thesis with details, good examples, and particulars.”

Give students time for you to research information to aid their ideas. Although some students might have subjects that they are able to generate their very own particulars and good examples, other subjects may need outdoors research. If at all possible, intend to hold class inside a computer lab or perhaps a place where students can conduct online investigation. Help students remain focused by getting them generate a listing of specific key phrases or words that they'll search to aid their thesis claims. Approve their list and be sure its focus prior to beginning.

If required, review with students the recommendations for research. They have to prefer the origin for just about any details and statistics they will use within the paper that aren't their very own work. They have to also place in quotes any phrases or words they copy from a resource. (A great source of citation recommendations reaches .) Help remind students that although the web is broadly open to the general public, any information found there and used directly inside a paper should be properly recorded.

Part 2

Once students have finished their research, say, “Now you have completed some investigation, you are prepared to stipulate your paper.” Provide copies from the Cause-and-Effect Essay Outline and also the appropriate graphic organizer for college students, based on when they have been selected an underlying cause or perhaps an effect his or her subject (LW-8-2-2_Cause-and-Effect Essay Outline.docx, LW-8-2-2_Cause with Multiple Effects Graphic Organizer.pdf, and LW-8-2-2_Effect with Multiple Causes Graphic Organizer.pdf).

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