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June 18, 2017

This Analytical Essay Outline

The next Graduation Writing Proficiency Examination essays were compiled by HSU students throughout a frequently scheduled GWPE. Aside from the removal of mix-outs, the essays are produced here just as written. Insofar as you possibly can, the essays were selected to represent the whole selection of possible scores. The majors symbolized through the authors of those essays are, from a to z, Art, Biology, Business, Environment Assets Engineering, Fisheries, Geography, Geology, Industrial Arts, and Resource Planning and Interpretation.

Analytical Essay Prompt

You've forty-five minutes to create around the following subject.

Please read and consider the next two quotes:

  1. "Organized charitable organisation does good permanently-for-nothing people."
  2. "Charitable organisation is really a bit of support extended to avoid wasting in the inferno of the present existence."

Write an essay around the above two claims in three parts the following:

  1. Compare the claims. Explain exactly what the two claims share and just how they overlap.
  2. Contrast the claims. Let you know that the 2 claims differ.
  3. Invest regarding the 2 claims by selecting one or mediating together, and support your view by having an example out of your own observation or experience.

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The 2 claims address the same subject. That's, they address charitable organisation, which can be understood to be-the action of giving something of worth, with no expectation of something in exchange. Further, the 2 claims address the receiver, the individual or persons with whom the charitable organisation is directed.

The two claims both give equal weight towards the concept of charitable organisation is evidenced through the explanations "doing good, " and "hands extended to save." These explanations both illustrate the benificence of the action of charitable organisation, that it's in a single act, both a recognition of need, as well as an make an effort to fulfill that require. Both of them fresh paint an image of goodness, recognition and discussing for the charitable organisation giver.

Unlike these commonalities, the 2 claims have been in stark opposition towards the beneficiary's status in society. The very first, calling the devices "great for nothing people, " represents vagrants, bums, and useless flies, fouling the graceful-flowing the surface of society. The 2nd, seeing the devices as in an "inferno, " gives mind visions of lost souls, wandering destitute and possesionless within the Dante-esque hell of the society which measures an individual's worth by his wealth.

Another contrast backward and forward claims, more subtle yet without effort strong, would be that the benefactor, the charitable organisation-giver, attains a level greater amount of recognition as he gives to 1 in true need, than when his discussing is enforced, by taxes, social pressure or inherited response. The very first statement talks towards the latter of those, the 2nd towards the former. Thus, the 2nd statement not just characteristics a greater character towards the beneficiary, but additionally towards the benefactor whose actions are carried out in the heart.

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