Examples of Cause and effect essays

February 11, 2016

Examples of cause and effect

In composition, expected outcomes is a technique of paragraph or essay development where a author evaluates the reason why for-and/or even the effects of-an action, event, or decision.

An underlying cause-and-effect paragraph or essay could be organized in a variety of ways. For instances, causes and/or effects could be arranged either in chronological order or reverse chronological order. Alternatively, points could be presented when it comes to emphasis, from lowest to many important, or the other way around.

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Good examples and Findings:

  • "Should you prove the cause, you at the same time prove the result and on the other hand nothing can exist without its cause."
    (Aristotle, Rhetoric)
  • Immediate Causes and supreme Causes
    "Identifying causes and effects is generally thought-invoking and quite complex. One good reason with this is the fact that you will find two kinds of causes: immediate causes, that are readily apparent since they're nearest towards the effect, and supreme causes, which, being somewhat removed, aren't so apparent and could possibly be also hidden. In addition, ultimate causes would bring about effects which themselves become immediate causes, thus developing a causal chain. For instance, think about the following causal chain: Sally, a pc sales rep, prepared extensively for any ending up in a customer (ultimate cause), impressed the customer (immediate cause), making a really large purchase (effect). The chain didn't hold on there: the big purchase triggered her to become marketed by her employer (effect)."
    (Alfred Rosa and Paul Eschholz, Models for Authors, sixth erectile dysfunction. St. Martin's Press, 1998)
  • Creating an underlying causeOrImpact Essay
    "For those its conceptual complexity, an underlying causeOrimpact essay could be organized basically. The introduction generally is definitely the subject(s) and states the objective of case study inside a obvious thesis. Your body from the paper then explores all relevant causes and/or effects, typically advancing from least to many influential or from most to least influential. Finally, the concluding section summarizes the different cause/effect associations established in your body from the paper and clearly states the conclusions that may be attracted from individuals associations."
    (Kim Flachmann, Michael Flachmann, Kathryn Benander, and Cheryl Cruz, The Brief Prose Readers. Prentice Hall, 2003)
The Perfect College Cause And Effect Essay Examples
The Perfect College Cause And Effect Essay Examples
Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
Examples of Cause and Effect in Paragraphs and Essays
Examples of Cause and Effect in Paragraphs and Essays
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