Fast Food Cause And effect essay

July 19, 2016

Writing Cause and Effect Essay

This can be a cause-and-effect essay about junk food – the way it become very popular and just what its effects happen to be. It uses 4 sentences along with a 3-7-7-3 layout (three sentences within the introduction, seven within the causes paragraph, seven within the effects paragraph, and three within the conclusion).


Previously individuals the U . s . Arab Emirates accustomed to maintain a healthy diet, freshly prepared food using their families in your home.


Today however, lots of people, particularly youthful people, would rather eat junk food for example burgers, fried chicken, shawarma, or pizza.

Thesis Sentence

You will find a lot of reasons why this transformation has happened, however this essay may also outline the intense results of this move towards junk food on people and society.

Causes: Subject Sentence:

You will find a lot of reasons for that recognition of junk food.

Cause 1:

Among the primary reasons may be the changes in lifestyle.

Example 1a

Lots of people within the UAE will work lengthy hrs, changes, or extended school days. It normally won't have enough time to locate elements or prepare good food.

Example 1b

Women are actually beginning to operate within the Emirates, which can lead to less moment readily available for planning family foods.

Cause 2:

Another cause may be the large numbers of youthful, affluent individuals the U . s . Arab Emirates.


The rapid development of the nation means youthful people, who comprise over 75% of people, have money to invest.

Cause 3:

Another reason is advertising. The UAE is really a modern, free-market country, with all of types of media like the Internet and satellite tv, and individuals prefer to try new items and different types of junk food.


Subject Sentence:

However, this transformation in diet might have some serious effects.

Effect 1:

One effect is on health.

Example 1:

Many people within the UAE have become obese.These folks is going to be less productive and also have conditions for example cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Effect 2:

Another consequence of junk food culture is losing the household tradition of eating together.

Example 2:

Children and grown ups rarely eat together now, and therefore get less chance to speak.

Effect 3:

An additional effect is around the economy.

Example 3A:

Although junk food is not so costly, it's more costly than cooking correctly on your own.

Example 3B:

Most of the fast-food information mill franchisees of foreign companies, so profits leave the nation.


To conclude, junk food, even though it works along with a tasty accessory for an eating plan, might have serious health insurance and social effects.

Future statement:

People ought to learn to select junk food carefully and don't forget the pleasure of eating good food in good company.
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