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November 11, 2016

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Lesson Plan

Grades 3 – 5
Lesson Plan Type Standard Lesson
Believed Time Three 50-minute periods
Lesson Author


Together, students and teacher use charts and Venn diagrams to brainstorm and organize commonalities and variations between two objects. The teacher then models the start of the very first draft, inviting students to assist rephrase, clarify, and revise because the draft is presented. Finally, students take what they've learned to accomplish the draft individually.


Comparison and Contrast Guide: This student-centered online guide supplies a thorough summary of the assess essay format, including definitions, transitions, graphic coordinators, check-lists, and good examples.

Venn Diagram: Make use of this online tool throughout prewriting to arrange suggestions for a assess essay.


Ron VanDeWeghe creates of modeling: "instructors show the way they start the processes of reading through and writing-drawing students' focus on the methods visitors and authors think and also the real choices they create, particularly when they are challenged." In her own book Conversations, Regie Routman describes why this modeling process is really effective: "It happens to be our responsibility to train directly and clearly as a result of students' needs-carefully showing, particularly showing how, clearly explaining. Everything we want our students to complete well, we first need to demonstrate to them how. Of all of the changes I've produced in my teaching, adding explicit demonstration to everything I train continues to be the best element in growing students' literacy" (24).

Further, writing aloud with students provides me with an chance to exhibit my enjoyment for that writing process. Students observe that revision and editing are members of the enjoyment, which even instructors do not get it correct the very first time. As an additional benefit, students are often more wanting to share personal documents beside me for feedback after they check this out process patterned.

Further Reading through

VanDeWeghe, Ron. "Deep Modeling and Authentic Teaching: Challenging Students or Challenging Students?" British Journal 95.4 (March 2006): 84-88

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6th Grade Skills - Compare and Contrast
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Compare and Contrast -- Student Video
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