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February 7, 2014

Compare & Contrast Essay

To create an evaluation or contrast essay that's simple to follow, first determine what the commonalities or variations are by writing lists on scrap paper. For significant, the commonalities or even the variations? Intend to discuss the decreased first, then the greater significant. It's much simpler to go over Just the commonalities or Just the variations, but you may also do both.

Then for organizing your essay, choose among the plans referred to below whichever best suits your list. Finally, which is important, what primary point (thesis) will you make within the essay concerning the a coupleOrissues being in comparison? Don't begin writing til you have a place the commonalities or variations you need to use assistance to prove. Your point will help shape the relaxation of the items you say: For instance, if you notice that certain of the commonalities or variations is unrelated to the stage, trash it and think about one that's related. Or revise your point. Make sure this primary point is clearly and conspicuously expressed somewhere within the essay.

Plan A: Use Plan A for those who have many small commonalities and/or variations. After your introduction, say everything you need to say concerning the first work or character, after which continue within the other half from the essay to state everything concerning the second work or character, evaluating or contrasting the items within the second with similar item within the first. Within this format, all of the evaluating or contrasting, aside from the statement of the primary point, which you might want to make the beginning, continues within the Other Half from the piece.

Plan B: Use Plan B for those who have merely a couple of, bigger commonalities or variations. After your introduction, within the next paragraph discuss one similarity or improvement in BOTH works or figures, after which move ahead within the next paragraph towards the second similarity or improvement in both, then your third, and so on, until you are done. If you're doing both commonalities and variations, juggle them on scrap paper to ensure that in every part you place the less important first ("X and Y are generally alike within their social positions . . ."), then the greater important ("but X is a lot more conscious of the risks of his position than is Y"). Within this format, the evaluating or contrasting continues in Each one of the middle parts.

The next outline might be useful however, don't let yourself be restricted to it.

    Intro. with thesis first similarity
      first work second work
    second similarity first difference second difference

Begin to see the following subject recommendations for your comparison essay. For instance:

    Stages of My Existence Two Places I've Visited My Two Close Friends Two Political Candidates Bulimia and Anorexia Microsoft or Apple Living on Campus and Living Off Campus The 2 Women I Love
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