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October 3, 2012


College consultant Alice Kleeman joins us today within our ongoing series around the changes towards the Common Application with a few excellent guidance for college students and just how to consider the brand new essay prompts as well as an entertaining appreciate everyday a few of the essays which have been faves in her own two decades counseling students.

5 prompts which will show up on the “new” Common Application should permit nearly any subject you may choose. Right here recommendations for academic, extracurricular, and private subjects that may fit nicely right into a response for every prompt. Obviously, these are merely suggestions, made to jumpstart your opinions, give a gentle nudge if you think stumped, and that will help you choose which prompt might supply the best chance that you should show the admission office what you are. Your reaction to any college-essay prompt ought to be entirely personal and something that just you can write these good examples are simply to obtain your essay juices flowing!

Essay Prompt One:

Some students possess a background or story that's so central for their identity they believe their application could be incomplete without them. If this describes you, then please share your story.

Key Phrases:

“background, ” “story, ” “identity, ” “incomplete without”

Possible subjects:


• Have you ever moved in one school to a different to be able to pursue greater academic possibilities?

• Has pursuit of academics been affected from your parents’ insufficient formal education?

• Is the dedication to particular academic area formed from your existence encounters (for instance, has your curiosity about medicine turned from becoming an adult having a brother or sister with chronic illness?)?


• Is the identity entirely tangled up within the music you have been creating and playing because you were five?

• Has your ethnic background brought you to definitely participate deeply and fully within the dance, spiritual, or culinary traditions of the culture?

• Would you spend your spare time taking part in activities via a cultural organization associated with your loved ones background?


• Would you originate from a bicultural family? Who're you today that you'd 't be without individuals different influences?

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