Example of a Compare and contrast essay

November 8, 2013

An example of a compare and

Within my essay, I assess love and hate. I've found their commonalities as well as their variations. My work is dependant on the norms of western society and also the delicately excepted implications of every emotion, for example how love is recognized as positive and hate is recognized as negative. Within my essay, I assess the 2 feelings from the matter-of-fact and semi-technical perspective.


Both hate and love are feelings and both of them are gone through by humans although the exact character of affection or its many definitions means it's a difficult emotion to define. Love does appear to possess a large amount of definitions, whereas the term hate has several definitions but they're all centered on a single factor.

Both of them are effective feelings

It's fair to state that love and hate are effective feelings. They might lead someone to be euphoric or very sad, and may both encourage anger and extreme happiness. You'll be able to hate someone a lot that you want it, and you'll be able to love someone a lot that you simply privately hate them.

Both of them are excellent for excellent artistic expression

You will find many artists and designers that say the work they do originated from their feelings of either love or hate. It appears that they're both great for creating inspiration as well as for helping an individual conserve a concentrated effort to ensure that their creative project is completed.

You can make the other

It's possible for like to cause hate and hate to result in love. Both are conflicting feelings, but people may hate an individual although really falling for each other, and something person may fall madly in love simply to start eventually disliking the individual they purport to like.


You will find numerous variations that both love and hate have, there also seems to become a large amount of mixing of feelings. You'll be able to love and hate an individual or something like that simultaneously. Among this can be a person that's scammed with that both loves and hates the person who scammed.

The first is regarded as negative and yet another positive

This is actually the greatest distinction between both love and hate. Love is viewed as an optimistic and constructive emotion, whereas hate is viewed as an adverse and destructive emotion.

The first is associated with negative actions and something associated with positive actions

You will find items like loving/hateful functions and things born or love or hate. Both seem to be similar for the reason that they are affixed to action, but love is associated with positive actions and occasions, whereas hate is mounted on negative actions and occasions.


You will find a great deal of variations if this involves love and hate, but as feelings, both of them appear to possess a startling quantity of commonalities. The greatest reason behind their variations appears to become in line with the fact they are a couple of opposing feelings however, it's possible for that two feelings to exist previously as well as for both feelings to appear as good and bad.

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Example of a compare & contrast
Example of a compare & contrast
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