Compare and contrast Topics for an essay

February 12, 2016

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Start with a sentence which will catch the reader's interest. This can be grounds people discover the subject interesting or important, or it may be statement about something the 2 subjects share. Review opening sentences inside your British text for further ideas.

Then title the 2 subjects and say that they're much the same, completely different and have many important (or interesting) commonalities and variations.

Paragraph 2

Transitions beginning each paragraph are created by repeating ideas, phrases or words. Without transitions, the essay will seem uneven and disjointed.

Discuss how both subjects compare on feature one.

For every comparison, use compare/contrast signal words for example like, much like, also, unlike, however.

Make sure to include good examples showing the commonalities and/or variations exist.

Sentences 3 - ?

Continue the pattern occur paragraph 2 talking about a brand new feature in every new paragraph.


Within this paragraph, provide a brief, general summary of the most basic commonalities and variations.

Finish having a personal statement, a conjecture, or any other snappy clincher.

Steps to Write an Essay
Steps to Write an Essay
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