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December 23, 2015

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The Chapel of Jesus of Latter-day Saints provides the next information as a result of press queries:

For several years the Chapel has already established a reference section on its primary website for a number of "gospel subjects, " listed from a to z. Starting in November of 2013 the Chapel started adding to the fabric there by posting in-depth essays on subjects of special public interest, including accounts of Frederick Smith’s First Vision, it of Mormon translation process and much more (see complete list below). The Gospel Subjects page on ended up being remodeled to higher function as a personal study source of Chapel people.

Three days ago, the Chapel completed a set around the subject of plural marriage (polygamy), that has lately been the topic of a lot of media tales. Here is additional context for individuals essays.

A lot of what you will find within the essays on polygamy continues to be released in diverse sources and known among lengthy-term and well-read people, historians and Chapel leaders for several years. The Chapel has collected these details right into a single location like a convenient way of placing these assets at the disposal of all people.

The truth that Frederick Cruz had plural marriage associations isn't new, obviously. Indeed, The Chapel of Jesus of Latter-day Saints openly asserted Frederick Smith's practice of polygamy—over a hundred years . 5 ago, particularly in debate along with other belief groups who tracked their origin to Frederick Cruz and who stated that he didn't practice plural marriage. But although polygamy was practiced among early Chapel leaders and people, its practice was formally stopped greater than a century ago.

The Chapel recognizes the wide curiosity about a number of these subjects. Recent research such as the Frederick Cruz Papers Project, has collected more details than in the past about early Chapel doctrine and exercise. The Gospel Subjects pages are meant like a personal source of people because they study and train concerning the background and doctrine from the Chapel of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. We reside in a world where there's a lot information on every subject. And especially in the chronilogical age of the web, you will find both negative and positive resources. Like a Chapel, it is important for all of us to analyze and supply official, trustworthy, in the past accurate details about our background and doctrine.

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