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July 15, 2016


A smart guy once stated “there are three stuff that are 100% certain in existence:

  1. We are born
  2. We'll die eventually
  3. Psychology students have a horrible quantity of essays to create throughout their studies.”

And guess what happens? He was right!

Within this blog publish, I goal to supply a couple of pointers towards writing an essay which will enable you to get an initial. Obviously, this would affect any university students too, however, you usually require a smaller amount work on A-Level standard than degree level.

So, what exactly how would you write a great psychology essay?


Leave yourself sufficient time before your deadline.
Possibly the most crucial point, it’s essential to leave oneself time for you to prepare! Departing a whole essay before the evening before is definitely an almost guaranteed method to drop a couple of grade points. Granted, many people possess the amazing capability to get first’s with no effort, but there isn’t any harm to get an earlier start.

Research round the subject completely
Very frequently lectures contains the essential research inside a given area. For instance, you cannot genuinely have a lecture on short-term memory and not mention Atkinson and Shiffrin’s (1968) Multi-Store Type of Memory, right? The key factor however, would be to not stick to what's safe. Sure, lecturer’s know best and can include probably the most relevant research, but copying all the lecture studies will enable you to get a maximum of a couple:1 (within the second/third year anyway).

Make certain you utilize all of the sources you've – books, journal articles, eJournal databases (for example Web of Science and PSYCarticles if you can get them at College), e-books, web pages (make certain they’re credible though!), Google Scholar etc. If you’ve taken the very first point into account, you need to have the time to check out the subject completely and choose studies which support what you ought to say. Unless of course you realize your subject inside-out, you’ll most likely think it is pretty difficult to write anything of excellent quality.

Writing Essays in Psychology
Writing Essays in Psychology
Writing an Essay for an A.P. Psychology Test
Writing an Essay for an A.P. Psychology Test
Essay Writing in Psychology Video 3 20140429 133409 8
Essay Writing in Psychology Video 3 20140429 133409 8
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