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March 25, 2017

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If you reside in Iran and aren’t Muslim, you've got a pretty good possibility to be bothered. My loved ones and that i are Baha’is and Iran has strict rules against us: if we don't change our religion we're not permitted to go to college, and existence in class is extremely tough. Some Muslims are prejudiced against Baha’is and think poorly people. My mother didn’t want this existence for me personally and thus we left Iran, heading first to Austria. Our journey had rough periods but ultimately it had been worthwhile to get at America, the land of chance.

There is much stress since the formulations to depart required several weeks. My mother needed to contact the embassy as well as an organization that can help Baha’is emigrate with other nations. Finally she packed our clothes and a few possessions, so we headed towards the airport terminal. My loved ones had always resided along with my sister, grandma and grandpa, parents, which means this would be a very sad day, and the very first time that people could be separated.

“Mommy, I shouldn't leave Momman Minoo (my grandmother) and Pedar Jon (my grand daddy), ” I stated. “I wish to stay here.” Next all of us started in tears, however the time had come to visit.

Boarding the plane, I had been going to attempt a lengthy, difficult journey, one that I possibly could not reverse. My mother was praying the religious soldiers didn't search the plane. When they did we'd not have the ability to leave Iran. I had been praying that people would travel securely. I told my mother that people should chant a prayer together - the “Is There Any Elimination of Difficulties” prayer. [This short prayer from the Bab, beginning “Is there any remover of difficulties save God” is often recited by Baha’is in occasions of need. (]

Whenever we were twenty minutes from landing I spotted Vienna. All of the roofs were red-colored and also the flowers were yellow and red-colored. I told my mother, “Hengarneh, consider the pretty flowers.”

Vienna would be a beautiful place, with flowers everywhere and large structures which were all so nice. In the airport terminal i was met with a volunteer in the aid organization who required us to some beautiful apartment outdoors town. We resided there for any month but rapidly recognized it had been too not even close to Vienna, where we needed to complete all of our documents. I had been unwilling to leave but we needed to. My mother found another apartment which was old and merely plain dirty, consider we weren’t permanent citizens it had been all we're able to get. The apartment was plagued with bugs, rodents, and roaches. It truly couldn’t get much worse and also the manager wouldn’t do anything whatsoever about this, so my mother and our roommates needed to. We shared the apartment with another Iranian family. These were very enjoyable so we all grew to become close buddies.

Existence in Vienna continued because it been on Iran: we looked, visited the park, and did sightseeing. The very first month, however, I ate little. My mother think it is since i skipped my grandma and grandpa. She needed to have type of earnings, so she did what she did best, that was fresh paint. A guy hired her to complete works of art for him, he then would sign all of them with his title. Neither spoke exactly the same language, so that they spoken to one another using their hands. This wasn’t a fantastic job however it was the only real factor she might get. For each painting the guy compensated her $300, after which offered it for $1Thousand. After seven several weeks, our visas finally showed up so we going to America.

We'd two large luggage which maybe it was. Once we boarded the plane i was so excited. The plane around the eight-hour flight to Chicago had an frozen treats machine and you can be certain that there is an frozen treats cone within my hands whole time. The flight family and friends were nice didn’t say almost anything to stop me from getting my frozen treats.

Whenever we arrived at Chicago we remained in a hotel, discussing the area having a couple. Each morning we headed to the airport terminal for the final flight to Or. With that plane we couldn’t sit still, i was so excited to become making the trip.

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