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March 5, 2016


Who should safeguard the atmosphere – people or government authorities?

This site has good examples of introductions around the question above.

Intro 1

Today we reside in a global consumer society. People around the globe purchase, use, and get rid of a lot of items which will make our way of life simpler and much more comfortable. However, caused by this really is massive harm to our atmosphere. This essay will examine how government bodies and people have to interact to safeguard our assets and our world.

Intro 2

So what can one person do in order to safeguard the atmosphere? Hardly any, it might appear, especially in comparison towards the energy of government authorities and big industrial companies. However, working with dozens, 100s, or countless other people, we are able to influence and alter guidelines that are wrecking our atmosphere. This essay will talk about ways that people may take responsibility for his or her world.

Intro 3

The planet is definitely an progressively interconnected place. Huge multinational companies trade over the planet. Nations are joining together in huge economic zones and creating enormous marketplaces. These effective companies and groups increase trade and movement and be capable to dominate global politics and economy. Within this essay I'll discuss the way the person is becoming powerless to alter his world.

Intro 4

The only method to safeguard the atmosphere is perfect for people to consider responsibility for his or her own lifestyle and also to pressure their government authorities to apply good environment guidelines.

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