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December 19, 2016

What Dhaka, Bangladesh

Traffic jam is really a critical problem which happens on streets which will make traffic busy because streets filled with cars and buses. Traffic jam challenges traffic flow in urban area and it is avoided smooth traffic. An increasing urban area produces complex problems in daily existence with traffic. Congestion phenomenon's cannot be ended only by using physical creating for example: build bridge, freeways and growing road capacity. It's important to construct technology system for transportation management which is often used for charge of the traffic phenomenon. Traffic control systems have direct affect on traffic problems that is assist in improving traffic flow and lower traffic jam. Usually, congested zones are triggered by many people reasons for example occurrences, works in streets, streets maintenance. Roughly, traffic jam happens at peak occasions each morning or evening when individuals are going to work. Additionally, transportation systems are among the primary reasons leading to traffic jam in certain nations. Traffic streets have an effect on congested zones which connect with small ways use or broken ways (Katathira et al, 1994)

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First of all, when K. Macmillan invented the very first cars had proper shape and wooden frame in 1839 which incorporated various kinds of advantages for example: motion speed comfort control economy furniture and safety. The Automobiles industry grew to become popular and essential for the existence also it targeted to enhance car's industrial design and make more cars by companies. Ultimately of 1700s, the very first traffic jam made an appearance around the old London Bridge which produced a significant problem. Next, the London government made the decision to locate way to avoid it with this phenomenon which brought towards the invention of control system to resolve traffic jam by setting up traffic lights around the old London bridge. Additionally, the London government added another control system by dividing the London old bridge into two pathways, one for automobiles and the other for people on the streets (Bellis, 1994).

Transportation problems happen to be analyzed by many people scientists and lots of solutions happen to be suggested to resolve it. Enhancing transportation includes many different ways to enhance traffic performance in main metropolitan areas and freeways. The Federal Government accounts for enhancing the efficiency of transportation in metropolitan areas and freeways between metropolitan areas which reduce traffic problems. Transportation blockage includes a obvious affect on economy also it causes elevated in live cost.

The goal of the paper would be to discuses the results of control systems can help to eliminate traffic jam, energy consumption and road occurrences. You should comprehend the outcomes of traffic jam and control systems. However, you will find some methods to decrease their unwanted effects.

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