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September 19, 2016

A good descriptive essay

Two good papers explaining exactly the same Bronze Age object [N.B. - please choose an IRON AGE object with this assignment] the authors use different approaches and also have completely different personal styles, that is great.

Paper One - a little revealing and chaotic, but very vivid some utilization of active verbs:

The Armberge is really a beautiful piece in the Bronze Age. Strong and solid, this accessory bears a spiral aesthetic. An ashy bronze colors the piece so darkly it almost looks black with bronze hues. Beginning towards the top of the piece on the vertical plane, bronze continues to be crafted to create a curl that ravels inside a counter-clockwise circle. Three rings of growing size, the littlest being in the centre, curl around such as the coils of the stove burners. When the third ring completes 75 % of the circle from underneath the beginning point, it stretches right to create the region in which the arm would fit. The bronze now systems towards the left out and underneath the top coils to create two thick rows on the horizontal plane. Like tight coils of the lizard wrapped around a tree, both of these rows don't separate. If switched upside lower, the armband would seem identical as though right side up since the bottom half also includes a three-ringed design beginning in a anchorman and unraveling inside a counter-clock smart progression. A fascinating feature from the Armberge would be that the bottom and top coils possess a ridge that's created in the first ring, also it continues like a path through the whole from the armband. The ridge produces an incline on each side of every row (sloping upward and downward), and provides the perimeters from the armband a cut similar to the silhouette of the carol leaf. The armband has defied time by remaining intact.

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