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March 31, 2016

What format you should choose

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General Format


This consists of info on The Chicago Manual of fashion approach to document formatting and citation. These assets stick to the sixteenth edition from the Chicago Manual of fashion, that was released in September 2010.

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Please make use of the example at the end of the page to cite the Purdue OWL in Content management systems.

General Content management systems Recommendations

  • Margins ought to be set at believe it or not than 1” with no more than 1.5”.
  • Typeface ought to be something readable, for example Occasions New Roman or Palatino.
  • Font size ought to be believe it or not than 10 pt. (ideally, 12 pt.).
  • Text ought to be consistently double-spread, using the following exceptions:
  • Block quotes, table game titles, and figure captions ought to be single-spread.
  • A prose quotation of 5 or even more lines ought to be blocked.
  • A blocked quotation doesn't get enclosed in quotes.
  • An additional line space should immediately precede and consume a blocked quotation.
  • Blocked quotes ought to be indented .5” in general.
  • Notes and bibliographies ought to be singled-spread internally however, leave an additional line space between note and bibliographic records.
    Chicago Style In-text Citations
    Chicago Style In-text Citations
    Chicago Style Title Page
    Chicago Style Title Page
    Formatting Your Research Paper Chicago Style
    Formatting Your Research Paper Chicago Style
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