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January 23, 2016

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - It's sad how my anticipation go lower with each and every year of senior high school, however i guess that's what the real life is about. I began my newcomer year out speaking about wanting to become a physician or perhaps a researcher or perhaps a uniform. I'm going to leave senior high school not getting an idea on which I would like related to my existence. I continues to be difficult to observe my grades going from practically straight A's like a newcomer towards the sad condition of nearly getting my credits refused this senior year. However which i know that certain needs to face the duties for each decision you make, I would anticipate to have wise ones.No, I don't think will be able to be a brain surgeon or perhaps a world-famous researcher or, unless of course I get a windfall, a uniform however i can attempt to do my favorite to get all will be able to be around the choices which i have.

The marine corps, military, air pressure, and navy call my house non-stop, however i have previously shot individuals options lower. I'm also not likely to limit myself to simply a higher school diploma and go into the labor force. My parents don't even think it's smart that i can enter a junior college, and that i don't believe that's smart either. But I'm sure will be able to still salvage a number of my parents' wants me but signing up in to the College of Houston for any year after which moving to some more acclaimed college like the College of Texas or East College in Boston.

I've although it over and i believe I may want to major in something which would get me into being a stockbroker. My parents have wanted me to get involved with computer-programming simply because they say that's in which the growth sector is, at this time, for employment. But in some way, I simply don't even think that's things i want related to my existence, too boring for me personally. I suppose my primary goal in existence is simply to become happy. The American Imagine getting a wife that i'm deeply in love with, a reliable job, loving children, along with a house within the and surrounding suburbs having a whitened picket fence, along with a dog named Clinton could be all right for me personally. However that I don't think should never be truly satisfied within my existence. Which is when it ought to be, for I usually wish to be looking for something better.

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Othello - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Othello - Submission to ÉCU 2013
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