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April 6, 2016

How to Write a

Present situation: definition / problems:

Substance abuse is rife in lots of nations. Vast amounts of money is spent worldwide stopping drug abuse, dealing with addicts, and fighting drug-related crime.

Present situation: solutions:

Although drugs threaten many communities, their effects may also be combated effectively.

Thesis sentence:

This essay examines a few of the results of drug abuse on society, and indicates some methods to the issue.

Paragraph 2: Problem

Subject Sentence:

Substance abuse causes multiple trouble for nations and towns.

Problem 1: Medical effects:

The medical and mental effects are extremely apparent.

Problem 1 Good examples:

Addicts cannot work as normal people of society. They neglect or abuse their own families, and finally require costly treatment or hospitalization.

Problem 2: Crime:

The 2nd effect is on crime.

Problem 2 Good examples:

Huge police assets are necessary to fight smuggling and. Criminal gangs and mafia underworlds develop using the money from drugs.

Paragraph 3: Solution

However, the menace of medication could be fought against.

Solution 1: Education:

Education may be the first fight.

Solution 1 Good examples:

Children have to be told both at home and in class about drugs. Individuals need to understand the results to ensure that they are able to avoid

this issue

Solution 2 :

Another approach would be to increase police manpower and make effective laws and regulations to prevent sellers.

Solution 3: User

Nevertheless the primary target ought to be the user

Solution 3 Good examples

: Families and advisors need to speak to children and individuals in danger. Parents may need to look in their children and enable them to become responsible. Useful jobs and housing will also be needed and give people a job in society.

Paragraph 4: Conclusion

Subject Sentence: Review of essay: problem and solution:

To conclude, even though the problem of medication may appear impossible to get rid of, you will find concrete steps that may be come to weaken the your hands on drugs on society.

Future statement:

The risk from drugs is simply too great to disregard for all of us and our kids.
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TILL Update: Five paragraph, problem and solution essay
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Problem-Solution Outlining
Problem And Solution Essay
Problem And Solution Essay
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