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February 21, 2016

IELTS Writing Practice Test

It is best to try these exercises in the Academic Word List to enhance your essay vocabulary

Suggests note in making use of the sample essays

  • Each essay follows exactly the same fundamental four to five paragraph structure
  • The way the introduction concentrates on the issue and introduces the way the essay will probably be written
  • How each paragraph concentrates on one primary idea and grows it, using PEE (Point – Explain – Example)
  • How sentences within sentences are linked together using pronouns, connecting words and repetition.
  • These essays are generally argument based or opinion based

Ways to use the sample essays for vocabulary

One method to begin using these samples is to locate vocabulary you should use on your own. This vocabulary could be divided into:

  • subject vocabulary – specific vocabulary relevant towards the subject from the question
  • structural/arranging vocabulary (eg “One indicate note is..”)
  • academic vocabulary

Here's my connect to helpful vocabulary to structure an essay. You are able to practise the educational vocabulary on my small Academic Word List page where you'll find an interactive quiz on every essay.

Ways to use the sample essays for essay structure

A different way to begin using these essays would be to observe how an IELTS essay is structured:

  • note the way the introduction addresses the issue and leads in to the primary body from the essay
  • find out the primary reason for each subject paragraph
  • note the way the subject sentences connect to one another (will they present similar or contrasting attitudes?)
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IELTS Writing
IELTS Writing
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