Writing a problem solution essay

April 7, 2016

Writing a problem solution

problem and solution essay

Problem Solution Essay

This lesson will:

  • discuss common errors
  • demonstrate how you can analyse the issue
  • demonstrate how you can think about ideas
  • provide you with a structure than may be used over and over on all problem solution IELTS essays
  • describe crafting an intro, primary body sentences and conclusion
  • provide you with a full band 9 sample answer

This is among the most typical IELTS writing task 2 questions about the educational paper. Despite being common, plenty of students neglect to prosper during these questions. This publish will appear at probably the most common errors after which guide you through how you can answer these questions step-by-step.

Common Errors

  1. The most typical mistake isn't growing in your ideas and rather simply listing plenty of problems and solutions. The examiner doesn't want a listing of all of the problems and solutions you are able to think about and you shouldn't do that within the exam. Rather, should you take a look at the way the exam is marked, the examiner wants you to definitely pick a couple of problems and solutions after which expand in it with explanations and good examples.problem and solution essay structure More regarding how to do that below.
  2. Another common mistake is covering problems and solutions that aren't directly from the question. You ought to be just like a sniper when responding to the issue and just give very specific ideas, instead of ideas that generally discuss the general problem. This offers quite a bit related to the way you identify key phrases and micro-key phrases within the questions which we'll take a look at below.
  3. Many individuals think about plans for problems after which neglect to link their methods to these complaints. Each problem must have an answer that's directly associated with it, or quite simply, should solve the particular problem.
  4. Finally, some candidates think about great problems and solutions that answer the issue correctly after which expand their solutions with explanations and good examples, however they talk too generally.Problem solution essay Rather, you ought to be considering specific good examples and explanations. We'll take a look at how to prevent this below.

Examining the issue

This is among the most important areas of responding to any IELTS writing question. Should you not take time to correctly consider exactly what the examiner is suggesting that you do, then it's tough to answer the issue properly.

We analyse the issue by considering three things:

  • key phrases
  • micro-key phrases
  • action words

Key phrases would be the words that inform us exactly what the general subject is.

Micro-key phrases identify which area of the general subject the examiner wants you to definitely discuss. They frequently give a viewpoint, qualify the statement or discuss a sub-group of the larger general subject.

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