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March 22, 2016


University of Chicago 2016 Secondary Essay TimelineThis school of medicine is searching for student leaders from diverse skills who demonstrate a powerful scientific foundation, thrive in team configurations, and discover methods to complex issues. Within this secondary application, I suggest concentrating on why is a unique applicant – your ex of science or learning and just how you’ve went after that interest, your link with medically underserved towns as well as your dedication to supplying help individuals in need of assistance, and also the characteristics and skills that you'll tell your class mates which will increase your method of patient care.

College of Chicago Pritzker Med school 2016 School Of Medicine Essay Questions:

• Two essays are needed the very first essay includes a 550-word limit and also the second essay includes a 400-word limit.

• Yet another optional essay is asked for, without any word limit.

• Candidates should use single line spacing and 12 point size font.

• Reactions ought to be built smartly to focus on an applicant’s talents.

Listed here are needed within the Secondary Application:

“At the College of Chicago within an atmosphere of interdisciplinary scholarship and discovery, the Pritzker Med school is devoted to inspiring diverse students of outstanding promise to get leaders and leaders in science and medicine for that enhancement of humanity.”

Essay Question 1. Our Mission Statement above is definitely an expression in our core purpose and academic philosophy. Particularly, it highlights the worth we put on diversity because we regard the variety from the entering class essential for educational excellence. Please write an essay how you'd enhance diversity at Pritzker and advance the Pritzker mission. We recommend that you simply limit your essay to around 550 words.

Create a listing of what you will lead when it comes to diversity. Approach their list artistically. You can everything from your ethnicity, language and cultural background to operate experience and hobbies or talents. For instance, if you're a gifted artist or teacher, how does one share these abilities together with your class mates? Choosing just the best and important products out of your list, make use of this as the outline. Explain clearly how each characteristic you cover may benefit your class mates and community.

Essay Question 2. Inform us in regards to a difficult or challenging situation you've experienced and just how you worked by using it. Inside your response, identify both coping abilities you known as upon to solve the dilemma, and also the support person(s) from that you searched for advice. We recommend that you simply limit your essay to around 400 words.

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