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August 21, 2017

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There's a continuing discussion within this nation about school uniforms, whether they assist with behavior problems, while increasing test scores. Being an eighth grade student at Delta Junior High School, I don't want school uniforms. Within this paper I'll present the argument against putting on school uniforms. I'll include, personal opinion as well as site research.

Kade A., a sixth grade student, when requested about school uniforms stated, “No, I do not like them, since they're uncomfortable, thus making you seem like you're in your chapel clothes constantly.Inches Daycen J., another student stated, “I don’t like school uniforms simply because they remove student’s individuality.”

Dr. Alan Hilfer, senior psychiatrist in Brooklyn’s Children’s and Adolescent Unit at Maimonides Clinic states:

"Clothes contain expression for kids, so that as kids grow older, they become progressively exacerbated of uniforms….By instituting a uniform policy, schools take away kids’ individuality- schools have to determine if that sacrifice may be worth making.”

Dr. Hilfer is speaking about whether removing student’s individuality may be worth the payback of decreased behavior problems, and elevated test scores. Research made by David L. Brunsma, College of Alabama and Kerry A. Rockquemore of Notre Dame, titled Results of Student Uniforms on Attendance, Behavior Problems, Drug Abuse, and Academic Achievement, demonstrated that uniforms didn't result in a noticable difference during these areas. Their conclusion was:

“Student uniform use wasn't considerably correlated with the school commitment variables for example absenteeism, behavior, or substance use (drugs). Additionally, students putting on uniforms didn't have the symptoms of any considerably different academic readiness, proschool attitudes, or peer group structures with proschool attitudes than other students.”

An area that could be of interest may be the reducing of gang related problems, and fashion wars. Research released in 1995, by Lillian O. Holloman, a clothing and textiles professor at Virginia Polytechic Institute and Condition College, titled Violence along with other Antisocial Actions in public places Schools: Can Dress Codes Help Solve the issue? explores the issues the scholars could possibly get into due to how they dress. The research states:
“Gang colors and insignias, whether worn deliberately or inadvertently, could possibly get students leaped or worse. Status clothes, for example team jackets of professional teams, leather jackets and designer athletic shoes, have brought to robberies, sometimes by knife or at gunpoint.”
This might be true in certain areas of the nation, for example low-earnings, inner city areas, but I don't believe this to be real within the Millard County School District. I am unable to recall any accounts of violence against students triggered with a student’s clothing selection. I have faith that before you decide to apply a college uniform policy according to such fears, you have to consider the region the college is within, the economical level of people, the amount of people involved with gangs and the quantity of gang related activity locally.

The majority of the articles which i read about whether putting on school uniforms changes behavior and increases test scores, are not yet proven. More often than not other rules they fit into position together with the college uniforms, which can lead to a preferred behavior. However, the uniform itself can't be entirely accountable for the modification.

Junior High School/ Junior High is a time period of ageing, physically, psychologically, academically, and psychologically. Schools have to create an atmosphere that encourages students individuality and motivate these to challenge themselves and encourage self esteem. Personally i think that school uniforms diminish creativeness and self expression.

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School Uniforms Are Beneficial to Students
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Pros and Cons of School Uniforms Statistics
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