Essay on first day of school

April 25, 2016

The first day of the school

On the very first day of integration at Central Senior High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, angry mobs protested outdoors the college. Eight from the Little Rock Nine, the Black students selected to integrate the all-whitened Central High, met up in advance to ensure that they will have a security escort with the mob scene. One student, Elizabeth Eckford, didn't get the message about meeting in advance. Not aware from the mobs and also the meeting, she visited school by herself. She was immediately encircled by an angry crowd. She attempted to go in the college several occasions but soldiers in the Arkansas National Guard avoided her from crossing their line and entering your building. She was made to continue with the crowds. This famous photo was taken showing a brave Elizabeth Eckford as well as an angry Hazel Bryan (now Massery) behind her. A sort whitened lady in the crowd assisted Elizabeth to some bus bench and onto a nearby bus.

The 2nd document within this lesson is really a firsthand account from Elizabeth Eckford about her encounters which was released in Daisy Bates’ book The Lengthy Shadow. This moving excerpt will draw students in to the moment taken within the effective photograph.


  1. What exactly are your findings concerning the photo?
  2. What is your opinion Elizabeth was feeling right now the image was taken?
  3. Pictures of the occasions at Central High were recorded on tv as well as in paper media. Do you consider the attention had an affect on the occasions at Central High? In what manner?
  4. Did the press make integration simpler or even more challenging for that Little Rock Nine? Explain your point of view.
  5. Have you been affected with a group to complete or say something you wouldn’t have stated or done should you be by yourself? Explain the conditions and situation.
Nemo-First Day of School
Nemo-First Day of School
First Day Of School
First Day Of School
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