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July 1, 2017

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Kristin FracchiaHave you ever already examined our videos on the top Strategies for the brand new ACT Essay and Frequent Questions Regarding the brand new ACT Essay and therefore are thinking to yourself, “Yeah, yeah, I acquired that, however i desire a 32 (or perhaps a 33, or perhaps a 34, or perhaps a 35, heck a 36 around the ACT Writing test)”? Well, in the event that seems like after this you you’ll want to look at this video for ADVANCED students who wish to attain the greatest score possible around the ACT essay.

Within this video, I provide you with with my top two strategies for an essay that's likely to knock the socks from the graders.

And to be able to do this, you have to keep in mind that your graders are people. They're reading through numerous of essays. And lots of them begin to seem alike. So if you're shooting for any good score around the essay, all you will need to do would be to write a obvious, argumentative thesis, address the 3 from the perspectives, include good good examples, and also have a coherent structure. But when you'll need a GREAT score, you have to stick out in the crowd.

Here’s how it can be done:

1. Use Less Apparent Good examples in your ACT Essay

Around the first new essay around the September ACT this season, a great deal of students authored concerning the Civil Privileges movement. It truly just was an apparent example that many students had analyzed, also it was certainly the very first factor that leaped in my opinion too. Now, technically, graders aren't said to be punishing you to have an unoriginal example as lengthy as you're doing so well. But don't forget the golden rule: they're only human! If your grader reads 50 essays concerning the Civil Privileges movement consecutively, and they reach yours, and you're covering something completely different, they will crunches and give consideration. Not just that, but it'll become more hard to compare your essay to other people. Should you write comparable subject as everybody else, chances are that many people won’t do it too while you, however that others is going to do it better. So do not open you to ultimately these evaluations. Be original.

Again this doesn’t imply that you cannot talk about a typical subject, but when you will get it done, make certain you choose very specific good examples within that subject to show your understanding. But when you are able to think about something that might be less obvious–well, I'd go down that path.

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