Essay writing for high school students

January 28, 2016

Essay writing for high school

Time4Writing has classes for senior high school and college preparation students in the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Choose an amount below to obtain the right course for the child.

Senior High School Beginner Courses

Senior High School Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics – HS *This program starts everyday

This program concentrates on reinforcing writing basic principles at the highschool level, including syntax, punctuation, capital, subject-verb agreement, paragraph structure, self-editing, and proofreading. Senior High School Mechanics enables students to bolster their foundational writing abilities at an amount that recognizes their maturity. The program shows the fundamental foundations of writing: the various components and various kinds of sentences along with the structure of the paragraph. The student’s online writing tutor guides a student toward sprucing up existing abilities, while refreshing and reinforcing the fundamentals through writing homework help.

Senior High School Sentences – HSP *This program starts everyday

This eight-week course concentrates on the essential unit of essays and reviews: the paragraph. Students will become familiar with the various components from the paragraph (subject, supporting, and concluding sentences) and the kinds of sentences (narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive). Through led online writing ideas, an instructor provides writing homework help that boosts the students’ skill in making use of this foundational unit of composition.

Senior High School Intermediate Courses

Senior High School Essay Writing – HS1 *This program starts everyday

The Essay Writing course explores the essay writing process in the pre-writing stage towards the revision stage. Students work weekly practicing and learning each step from the writing process before moving onto the next phase. This program prepares students for writing essays for college projects. Students readily online writing tutor who guides them through each step, supplying online writing homework to make sure their mastery of the important writing form.

Creative Writing Prompts For High School Students
Creative Writing Prompts For High School Students
USQ Get Writing Prize for High School Students
USQ Get Writing Prize for High School Students
Essay For Student
Essay For Student
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