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July 19, 2017

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Through existence people undergo a lot of struggles. May it be bad or good there's always something which arrives from the situation. Probably the most exciting and yet most frightening occasions could be graduation. For several people, graduation from senior high school is really a goal. It requires considerable time and energy to accomplish this goal. Over time, it opens lots of possibilities for individuals to achieve success. Graduation may be the finish of senior high school, and also the starting to existence.
I'm able to almost keep in mind that day enjoy it was yesterday, I woke up like on every other school day. It had been an attractive May morning, the sun rays of sun flittered through my miniblinds blinding me as though I hadn’t seen light in days. I sluggishly pulled my limp body from my warm mattress, retiring towards the bathroom to do my normal morning traditions shower, shave, brush my teeth, dress, do my hair, and all sorts of other regulars. When I checked out myself while brushing my hair, it struck me just like a speeding express train, I had been going to graduate. I couldn’t help but smile, but simultaneously I felt like part of me was moving away. A tear found my attention when i recognized that which was going to occur to me.
Once I was all outfitted and prepared for that large day, I made my way upstairs to consume breakfast. The odor of toast, sausage, eggs, and hash browns filled the environment by having an inviting aroma. Just like I had been setting lower to start eating, my mother switched in my experience and requested how my morning was going to date. My reply was, ” It feels li...

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GCS Graduation Success: Obed Agyei from Western High School
GCS Graduation Success: Obed Agyei from Western High School
Graduating High School
Graduating High School
High School Graduation
High School Graduation
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