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December 27, 2017

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Recommendations here derive from the MLA Guide for Authors of Research Papers. Individual teachers and institutions or departments can vary from all of these recommendations somewhat which it is usually smart to see together with your instructor before formatting and posting your projects.

Margins: Aside from page amounts (see below), leave one-inch margins all over the text of the paper — left side, right side, and bottom and top. Sentences ought to be indented one-half inch set-off quotes ought to be indented one inch in the left margin.

Spacing: The MLA Guide states that “the research paper should be double-spread, ” including quotes, notes, and also the listing of works reported.

Heading and Title: Your quest paper doesn't need a title page. Towards the top of page one, in the left-hands margin, type your title, your instructor’s title, the program title and number, and also the date — all on separate, double-spread lines. Then double-space again and center the title above your text. (In case your title requires several line, double-space between your lines.) Double-space again prior to starting your text. The title ought to be neither underlined nor written in most capital letters. Capitalize just the first, last, and principal words from the title. Game titles might finish having a question mark or perhaps an exclamation mark if that's appropriate, although not inside a period. Game titles designed in other languages are capitalized and punctuated based on different rules, and authors should consult the MLA Guide or their teachers.

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