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December 27, 2013

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Victor AgbafeThanks to Victor AgbafeCape Fear Academy student Victor Agbafe works as Amos in "Chicago."Senior high school senior Victor Agbafe experienced every college he put on — including all eight Ivy League schools.

"Should you consider the acceptance rates of those schools, it's so nearly impossible to find into even one, " he stated. "And So I could have been happy at one.Inch

The 17-year-old plans to become neurosurgeon after he finishes college and school of medicine, eventually entering public policy. As a result, Agbafe stated he was searching for a college with strong government, financial aspects, and science programs.

Agbafe has graciously shared his Common Application essay around, which we have reprinted entirely below:

Why I Won't be Quiet

"Wow I figured black people should be frightening." This honest and uncensored statement that the young girl recanted when i recited my biographical speech on Florence Nightingale dressed within the whitened sheets that symbolized Ms. Nightingale's pure heart tore lower my dignity and self-esteem to shreds just like a machete cutting up from the first step toward a plant. Nonetheless, these words developed a spark within me to non-stop defend others which are unjustly judged.

A long time later, I had been motivated to do something when my pal grumbled about how exactly your day of Silence for LGBTQ people which i and a few people from the diversity club started was garbage. In the beginning I overlooked him, however when i overheard him tell his likeminded friend he would "not have a university roommate who had been gay, " that very spark within me was lit and that i felt morally obligated to challenge this prejudiced type of thinking.

I started to request him if he'd really refuse to possess a roommate who had been gay. As our conversation increased, his face switched red-colored, me beat faster, and our voices increased even louder. My pal felt that certain could not be considered a devout Catholic like myself but support gay marriage. I countered by attacking his Scriptural argument that gay marriage is really a moral abomination with my thought that Christianity ought to be about love and acceptance of others. Following a attracted-out argument by which I constantly refuted my buddies points, I appreciated that inner beat-lower I'd experienced a long time ago which had really triggered my confrontational stance. It was about much more than the usual logical or ethical argument, it was a good attack on my small human privileges.

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