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December 12, 2013

The second, third, and fourth

This season we graduated our third child from your homeschool. The 3 in our children were trained with Charlotte now Mason techniques, though I refined my techniques through the years when i investigated and learned more. A few of the unique features I made were in the way i used narration throughout the highschool years. Here's what I've learned.

Narration Question #58: Is narration enough for top school level studies?

Yes. Absolutely, yes, IF (and that’s a large if) you still enhance the bar on the kinds of narrations you request as a student progresses. Narration is really a effective and versatile tool you can use in lots of ways. High-school-level work should require high-school-level narrations.

Narration Question #59: Just how much written narration for students? The number of occasions each week, per subject? How lengthy? How detailed? When they perform a written narration, say, a couple of times per week ever, chemistry, government—and they've read orally in between—should I be searching for a listing of the entire week’s reading through to place it in written form at that time? Or if it is “just” an in depth account of today’s reading through such as the dental ones? I have a problem with that one since i seem like the children may require the action of writing and remembering periodically to be able to cement the understanding they’ve acquired with the week.

We’ve worked with a few of individuals questions in the past posts. Have a look at Miracle Amounts and also the Lengthy and Lacking It for solutions about the number of and just how lengthy. The amount of detail you anticipate will rely on which kind of narration you’re requesting and just how detailed your narration real question is. (See Raising the Bar.) A lot of it may also rely on in which the student is within his individual progression together with his writing. (See .)

Pre-reading through reviews is going to be essential to the entire process of cementing the student’s understanding in one reading through to another. When the student has experience in Charlotte now Mason techniques, he is able to and really should do individuals pre-reading through reviews by himself by senior high school.

Most of the persuasive-type narration questions tend to be more wide-sweeping within their scope. Individuals kinds of questions covers bigger servings of it and demonstrate how good a student is assembling the pieces to help make the understanding their own because he reads. I would suggest using individuals instead of requesting only a reduced or summary retelling.

Narration Question #60: I'm confident with narration for Bible, literature, and history, what would you recommend to have an Apologia senior high school science course? I wish to stick to narration (as we’ve completed with Apologia General Science) because idea of the fabric continues to be much better than it had been within my pre-C.M. days. Still, I'm battling with mistrusting narration for any senior high school level science course.

Essay Writing For High School Students
Essay Writing For High School Students
Narrative Essay High School
Narrative Essay High School
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