School dress code essay

January 26, 2017


The brand new principal inside my school used two phrases while addressing new dress code rules to some class: "Modest is most popular" and "boys is going to be boys."

He must have stated some thing like: "The college dress code started to supply our students having a safe and orderly learning atmosphere that's free of distractions."

Let us begin with the saying "modest is most popular, " we could?

Modest means getting or showing an average estimation of a person's own talents, capabilities and cost. If modest is most popular, then it is not modest.

You're literally delivering the content to youthful women, who're already battling with self-confidence, that hiding themselves means they are more appealing. You're creating a feeling of shame during these youthful, developing minds and physiques. An individual has the authority to put on anything they feel at ease in. Showing less skin does not cause you to anymore attractive. Showing more skin doesn't cause you to less attractive. If somebody calls you attractive that simply means that they're drawn to you.

When inside your career have you think it is appropriate to define my "hotness"? The reason for whatsoever worried about how "hot" I'm? You're teaching us, through modesty, to become objects of full sexual confidence. I apologize, however i don't dress myself to appear "hot" for anybody. I dress myself as a means of indicating my body system and myself. If masking my body system should really get people to sexually and physically drawn to me, then wouldso would individuals people feel basically choose to have lovemaking together, without clothes on?

How shall we be held designed to love and feel happy with my naked body and develop a feeling of sexuality when subjecting my body system is considered shameful and unattractive? For how long should being "hot" be my concern? I'd rather not be around somebody that just thinks I am hot. I wish to be around somebody that loves and respects all of the areas of my thoughts, personality and the body. THAT'S what you need to be teaching, not "how you can be hot."

My body system isn't a sinful temptation that should be hidden.
My body system isn't your individual, sexual object.
My body system doesn't overshadow my character.
My body system isn't any more sexual than the usual man's body.
My body system isn't here to appear "hot" for you personally.

Next is his second statement, "boys is going to be boys."

As being a boy describes your gender. That's all.

It doesn't cause you to constantly sexually turned on, animalistic or sexually unmanageable, but for whatever reason society originates towards the conclusion that you're this stereotype. This really is very sad. This gender stereotype is unfair to any or all males. By letting them know who they really are like a guy you're absolutely removing their moral agency. "But he's a teen. He's raging with the body's hormones." You do not think I am raging with the body's hormones too? Trust me I'm.

When those who do sexually harass others are actually male and you apply the excuse "boys is going to be boys, " you aren't only excusing their behavior, you're condoning it.

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Dear School Dress Code
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