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November 18, 2016


Using the school administration’s approval, Niko and also the students organized occasions all week like a daily indication in our approaching St. Baldrick’s mind-shaving event. There is something to engage in day or evening — dress days, a talent show, a dance-a-thon, our first annual Fight from the Bands — all prior to the large mind-shaving event at our the game of basketball.

Over 2Thousand students and staff packed in to the gym for that mind-shaving pep rally, together with the WGN morning show, who had been since the event.

We began using the entry from the Chicago Bagpipers and also the Crimson Crazies, our student section club that supports our clubs and sports. Amazing! The perspective of room was electric.

The relaxation from the set up was student brought, without any managers or instructors speaking. Niko’s aunt, Laura Decarlo, spoken about her daughter, Michelle, which really introduced home why we have to help kids with cancer. We performed some St. Baldrick’s videos, after which introduced a St. Baldrick’s Honored Kid, Addison. Students gave Addison baskets and cards they'd designed for her.

Only then do we began shaving heads with Poms and Cheer firing us track of their shows of masterdom.

It had been amazing to determine how understanding our children and staff counseled me week lengthy. A lot of women were motivated to cut their head of hair for Addison.

I'm so happy with my school, but we demonstrated one another good side. Staff walked around that in a few days discussing how lucky they believed to operate here using these great kids.

The very best factor was the way the community joined together that evening at the overall game. We'd each side — our greatest rivals this year! — chanting together, “WE BELIEVE, We Feel That We'll, We Feel That We'll Look For A CURE!” I simply spun around at half court and required within the moment. It had been so classy of Plainfield East and North to get together for Addison and her family.

If you are wondering whether you can start a St. Baldrick’s event at the school, I'd say, absolutely! Provide your students and staff grounds to provide, grounds to consider others, which help them locate an active role inside it. It'll make any difference.

Within our situation, it transformed our school and community.

Are you currently headed to some St. Baldrick’s event? We’d like to know what you think on Twitter and Instagram! Just tag you with #stbaldricks.

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