Simple essays for high school students

August 4, 2016

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The British and Language Arts Common Core curriculum puts a large emphasis is on developing writing abilities, but you will find also needs that students to understand to write writing electronically and learn to use digital tools and multimedia to effectively explain ideas (, ). Scott added Shadow Puppet to some ninth grade creative writing assignment to operate towards meeting these ELA technology standards.

The very best factor about Shadow Puppet is hands lower the simplicity. The most crucial factor about utilizing a technology tool is the fact that it’s not so difficult that students can learn it rapidly so learning ways to use the tool doesn’t draw attention away from from understanding the content from the lesson.”

The creative writing project took it's origin from the general public radio show “This I Believe”. After hearing sample radio essays, each student authored an individual essay concerning the values that guide their lives. They required photos to aid and illustrate their essay. Scott urged the scholars to make use of their very own photos to help make the work more personal, instead of finding images online.

Using Shadow Puppet, the scholars could visualize a job better and refine their message. They told better tales after studying the procedure for writing, selecting images, studying and recording. Their teacher and that i were both really thrilled using the results.”

Developing a visual story with Shadow Puppet also resonated using the students greater than the normal essay or presentation.

The children were very happy with their projects. They demonstrated their videos people outdoors of sophistication, which often doesn’t happen by having an essay. It’s an enormous goal for all of us to possess them focus on projects that may have a real audience outdoors from the class, rather than projects which are finished and destined for that rubbish.”

Another large focus at Scott’s school is the development of digital investment portfolios. Each student includes a portfolio plus they present their finest work on a capstone presentation in the finish of every year.

The aim of the investment portfolios is perfect for the scholars to show how they’re working towards achieving six twenty-first century abilities: creativeness, critical thinking, communication, leadership, working together and perseverance. All the students who made videos with Shadow Puppet are including them within their capstone presentations.”
Suggestions for Using Shadow Puppet in Senior High School
  • Produce a visual personal essay
  • Present findings from the research study or experiment
  • Practice language speaking abilities
  • Produce a virtual museum of art projects
  • Act up creative stories like a group
  • Describe how you can solve a math problem
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