IB History essay Questions

March 26, 2016

Spokane Convention Center

An an IB History teacher, I have been waiting to locate this. I am expecting this develops from a student attempting to cut some corners around the effort of approaching using their own research question.

I'll only state that the narrower the issue, the greater. The IA format simply does not permit an issue that's too broad. In case your real question is too broad, your quest will finish up everywhere, your analysis is going to be shallow, you'll finish track of an inadequate conclusion or perhaps a conclusion that's not sufficiently based on your evidence, etc.

For instance...

Method to broad: As to the extend was Dr. Martin Luther King and also the SCLC effective in ending racial segreation within the American South throughout the American Civil Privileges Movement?

Still too broad: How much was Dr. Martin Luther King and also the SCLC effective within the Chicago Freedom Movement of 1966?

Better: How much was the SCLC's Chicago Freedom Movement of 1966 accountable for the passing from the 1968 Fair Housing Act?

Obviously, developing an issue may also rely on the sources on the subject. You will need to perform a little research and reading through to determine what's available in your subject of great interest after which frame the issue according to available sources. Frankly, original historic scientific studies are beyound the scope from the history IA assignment, so stay with subjects which have sources available.

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