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March 1, 2016

I Tried To Use A Hookup App As

Request yourself: Is that this something that's whether) taboo yet relatable that nobody has ever articulated in addition to you are able to, b) an event SO incredible and foreign that individuals will feel compelled to talk about it, or c) a very large idea in the standpoint of alone who might have had that perspective.

We’re particularly thinking about tales by women, non-whitened, and LGBT authors, in addition to formerly unregistered authors.

ID: 3702760

3. What subject matter do you enjoy?

We’re searching for pitches on a number of subjects, including although not restricted to:

Sex and dating/associations
Disease, especially the expertise of being sick and invisible ailments
Mental illness
Raising a child and fogeys (including the expertise of parents aging)
Drugs and addiction

We’re thinking about serious subjects, although not always serious takes: For those who have a concept for any humorous method of any of these (or other things), go for this. In addition, there's no strict number of words, but pieces are usually within the 800 to at least one, 200-word range, so we pay. We're also available to tales in other formats, for example graphic essays, photo essays, and audio pieces.

ID: 3702780

5. So how do you *really* pitch tales?

ID: 3703696

6. Can One submit my essay to several outlet simultaneously?

Sure. Because of our prime amount of distribution, we’re not able to reply to all pitches individually. But when we’re interested, we'll usually respond within 2 days. If something is truly time-sensitive and you'll need a response sooner, please indicate that within the subject line.

Generating ideas for personal essay
Generating ideas for personal essay
Personal Essay
Personal Essay
Finding an Idea for a Personal Essay
Finding an Idea for a Personal Essay
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