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January 5, 2016

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Concern about overpopulation is a red herring consumption’s the problemPopulation stability or decline isn't an environment cure all if it's supported by ongoing development in consumption

Over fifty percent the world’s population now resides in nations in which the fertility rate – the typical quantity of babies born per lady – is underneath the alternative level (around 2.1).

This appears great news for anybody worried about the atmosphere. A finite planet clearly cannot sustain unlimited population growth, and lots of environmentalists result in the situation that the current population, 7.2 billion, surpasses the planet’s environmental transporting capacity. If birth rates keep falling, we may understand the UN’s “low” projection of the population peak close to 8.3 billion mid-century, decreasing to today’s population by 2100.

For economists, however, but for the public authorities they inform, the maturing and decline of people presents not really a boon however a threat. Once the fertility rate falls below alternative level, the elderly outnumbers the more recent. Which means less employees supporting more retired people, falling earnings-tax revenues and reduced economic growth. Accordingly, many nations including Singapore, France, Austria, Chile and Columbia, are providing people financial incentives to possess children.

Here, as with a number of other arenas, we appear to manage a contradiction between economic and environmental health. But a closer inspection at population and economic growth discloses there's more towards the story, with problems stretching to the fundamental structure in our economic climate.

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The Legendary Hero: King Arthur
The Legendary Hero: King Arthur
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