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March 24, 2016

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Additionally to presenting your e-campus account to declare a Path, a lot of students will use e-Campus to submit their Path materials (essay and supporting projects) for evaluation.

In your e-Campus account you will see a hyperlink towards the Path Submission process. After you have completed enough Paths courses to create your essay (a minimum of two) and 100 models, you'll be qualified to submit your reflection essay and supporting projects through this technique. Because the product is associated with your e-Campus ID, the submission system will curently have details about the Path by which you’ve enrolled and also the courses you’ve taken for your Path. All you need to do is upload your Reflection Essay and also the supporting class projects. If required, you'll have the ability to submit details about additional courses within the Path.

In a nutshell, the steps for finishing the Path requirement at SCU are extremely simple:

• Use e-Campus to declare or change a Path

• Evaluate the Path reflection essay prompt, Strategies for Students, and also the rubric that'll be accustomed to evaluate your essay.

• Take a look at training out of your Path courses, determining a minimum of two projects you’ll use as supporting materials.

• Go to the HUB Writing Center for help studying your essay goal to achieve the essay represent your accomplishments like a Santa Clara graduate.

• Use e-Campus to submit your Path reflection essay and supporting materials.

• After submission, you’ll receive email notification of regardless of whether you have passed the Path requirement or must resubmit your essay. (You would employ e-Campus for resubmission too.)

You have to submit your essay from your petition to graduate:June 2016 Graduates: Due Feb 19, 2016
September 2016 Graduates: Due April 22, 2016


How can i get support for writing my Path Reflection Essay?

The Hub has writing partners who'll review drafts of Path essays or talk to you as you are getting began.
What goes on basically was signed up for a Camino Path group?

Some students were signed up for Camino Path groups throughout 2011-12. You can keep to apply your Camino Path group like a spot to save your valuable training. However, you'll now submit your projects with the e-Campus Path Submission system. You might disregard any previous instructions about posting through Camino.

We recommend you engage with your academic agent regarding your choice of a Path along with other questions you might have.
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