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March 1, 2013

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Loneliness may be the sadness caused by being forsaken or abandoned. John Steinbeck raised the theme of loneliness in lots of figures by Rodents and Males. Crooks, Curley?s wife, and Chocolate expressed the theme of loneliness in several forms through the story. At the start of the novella George stated, existence being employed as ranch hands is around the loneliness lives to reside, of these people finding friendship appears to become impossible.
Crooks expressed feelings of loneliness through Of Rodents and Males. Crooks? loneliness is triggered while he is black, at that time the storyline happened there is racism. Since Crooks is black he wasn?t in a position to socialize using the whitened males. When Steinbeck describes all Crooks? possessions, it implies that Crooks continues to be in the ranch a very long time which his possessions are the he likes you. In Crooks? room, Lennie involves speak with him. Crooks is careful in the beginning, it was in the many years of racism that Crooks suffered, he learned to not connect with whitened folk.
Steinbeck expresses the theme of loneliness within the character of Chocolate. Chocolate is lonely because his can be missing one-half arm. Chocolate?s disability separates him from society, a good example of Curley being put aside happens when everyone else would go to town he's left within the barn with Crooks, Lennie, and Curley?s wife. Chocolate?s only friendship was together with his old, smelly dog. Chocolate?s dog was symbolic of themself (old, and useless). When Carlson kills Chocolate?s dog he kills Chocolate inside too.
Curley?s wife had probably the most pathetic and depressing existence. Curley?s Wife spent her whole existence attempting to grab attention. She was always labeled and overlooked by everybody around the ranch, a good example of this is where George informs Lennie that they was trouble and to steer clear of her. Curley?s wife was overlooked and used from in early stages, when she was handed false intentions on as being a superstar. Curley?s wife is stuck around the ranch without any hopes, desires, and individuals to speak to.
Steinbeck used loneliness to explain the age and also the character by Rodents and Males. Crooks, Chocolate, and Curley?s wife all expressed ideas and feelings of loneliness within the story. There aren?t really causes of loneliness within this novella. Figures are lonely due to unmanageable factors, be it because Crooks is black, Chocolate is Crippled, or Curley?s wife is called a tart.

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Of Mice and Men Loneliness
Of Mice and Men Loneliness
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