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February 13, 2016

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Science and religion cannot co-exist. What exactly are your sights about this?

Within the begining there is darkness. Then there is light. Then there is awareness. Then there have been questions after which there is religion. How come we? Where will we originate from? How come the planet and character behave as it will? What goes on whenever we die.

Religion tended towards the response to each one of these questions using the tales of gods and godesses along with other supernatural forces which were past the knowledge of humans. While science appears in a position to explain everything with prof and evidence before your vision.

Science handles subject material and take into account cultures while religion is concered using the civilization, but examines its spiritulisation and belief. Because the researchers compares the building, materials and whereas religion isn't concentrating on these physical components.

This gives birth towards the question that whether science has the capacity to explain any whether religion has the capacity to explain every aspect of existence?science does appear to describe all.

It's due to the truth that science has allowed humans to fly, explore the deep oceans, walk around the moon. It can make the existence of humans simpler than ever before with a lot of facilities.

Howerver, strong and almost perfect the vista of science is within present day society it can't cover the whole spectrum from the human encounters. Nor will it explain a few of the striking commonalities contained in the different religions of the world.

There has been many clashes between religion and science ever. Some past leaders were utilised to jailed researchers. Now much has transformed. People requests the details and figures, but spiritualisation, your character building isn't the things supplied by science. So, science and religion are very different meaning of details and belief.

These both of them are essential for our way of life, since you cannot write on walls without pens and brains. Pens are supplied through the science and also the brain and gratification by religion. Therefore, tthere shouldn't be conflict together. For me religion and science can co-exist meaning of walking their separate pathways alongside. We want both because the religion takecare of man's spiritual existence and science take proper care of man's comfort.

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