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March 10, 2013

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thesis statement examples2. A great argumentative thesis is dependant on a debatable subject.

In the ‘80s, teens loved to state “that’s debatable” about claims they didn’t accept (for example “you should clean your room” and “you shouldn’t visit that movie”). This age-old, neon-colored, bangle-putting on, peg-legged knowledge is true today—in your thesis statement.

Don’t write, “There are high amounts of destitute people residing in Berkeley, California.”

No-one can argue for or from this statement. It isn't debatable. It’s only a fact.

thesis statement examplesA disagreement over this non-debatable statement would go something similar to this:

“There are numerous destitute individuals Berkeley.”

“Yes, there sure are a lot of them available.”


As you can tell, it is not a lot of a disagreement.

Do write, “Homeless individuals Berkeley ought to be given use of services, for example regular food donations, public bathrooms, and camping facilities, since it would improve existence for those occupants from the city.”

Now that’s debatable.

Competitors could easily reason that destitute individuals Berkeley already receive sufficient services (“just look whatsoever individuals luxurious pathways!”), or possibly they shouldn’t be titled to services whatsoever (“get employment, ya lazy loafers!”).

3. A great argumentative thesis picks a side.

Just like you cannot root for the Yankees and also the Mets, you cannot argue each side of the subject inside your thesis statement.

Good exampleDon’t write, “Secondhand smoke isn't good and may cause cardiovascular disease and cancer therefore, smoking ought to be outlawed in public areas, but suspending smoking is unfair to people who smoke so perhaps non-people who smoke can simply hold their breath or put on masks around people who smoke rather.”

A wishy-washy statement like this makes your readers scratch his mind in puzzlement. Are you currently for smoking laws and regulations or against them? Yankees or Mets? Mets or Yankees?

Choose a side, and stick to it!

Then stick up for this.

Do write, “Secondhand smoke is equally as dangerous as smoking and results in a greater prevalence of cancer and cardiovascular disease. What’s worse, individuals who inhale secondhand smoke do so without consent. Because of this, smoking in almost any public place ought to be banned.”

Bad Example
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Law Essays Uk Review
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