100 persuasive essay Topics

December 11, 2016

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Produce an argument or position, together with supporting evidence. You will find as numerous subjects for persuasive essays as you will find opinions on the planet.

Social Subjects

Have a stance on the social problem that affects your area, for example:

Remember that you could argue for or against a specific subject, or write an essay in regards to a sub-subject. For instance, you can particularly discuss censorship on tv, in music or perhaps in school. Whichever subject you select, make sure that you have sufficient supporting evidence to produce a persuasive essay.

Political Subjects

Politics could be a divisive problem however, you will find also lots of quite interesting political subjects which make great persuasive essays. For instance:

  • The function of presidency
  • War / war crimes
  • Elections
  • Political parties

Questionable Subjects

Tread carefully if you opt to talk about a questionable subject while you will find a variety of info on these subjects, you have to be certain to present a factual argument, using reliable, impartial sources for support.

  • Religion
  • Gay privileges
  • Abortion
  • Gun control
  • Immigration

Some schools do not let students to create about questionable subjects, either since they're too popular or simply because they are usually written psychologically. Seek advice from your teacher before selecting a questionable subject.

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