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January 22, 2016

One Word, Two Colors

A clear atmosphere is extremely essential to live a peaceful and healthy existence. But our atmosphere gets dirty daily due to some negligence of people. It's an problem which everybody have to know about especially our children. Use following Atmosphere Essay for your children and kids to assist them to in finishing their school project or essay writing competition.

Atmosphere Essay 1 (100 words)

An atmosphere may be the natural surroundings that really help existence to develop, nourish and destroy in the world known as earth. Natural atmosphere plays an excellent role in the presence of existence on the planet also it helps people, creatures along with other life to develop and grow naturally. But because of some bad and selfish activities from the people, our atmosphere gets affected. It is an essential subject that everybody must understand how to safeguard our atmosphere to help keep it safe forever in addition to make sure the nature’s balance in the world to carry on the presence of existence.

Atmosphere Essay 2 (150 words)

Naturally we all are very well acquainted with the atmosphere, it's everything which surrounds us naturally and affects our lives on earth. Everything comes under an atmosphere, the environment which we breathe every moment, water which we use for the daily schedule, plants, creatures along with other life, etc around us. An atmosphere is known as healthy atmosphere when natural cycle goes alongside with no disturbance. Any kind of disturbance within the nature’s balance affects the atmosphere totally which ruins a persons lives.

Now, within the era of advance living standard from the individual, our atmosphere gets affected to some large degree through the way of polluting of the environment, environmental noise, deforestation, water quality, soil pollution, acidity rain along with other harmful problems produced through the people through technological advancement. All of us will need to take an oath together to safeguard our natural atmosphere to help keep it safe as always forever.

Atmosphere Essay 3 (200 words)

Atmosphere means all of the natural surroundings for example land, air, water, plants, creatures, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests along with other things. Healthy atmosphere keeps the nature’s balance in addition to works well for growing, adding nourishment to and developing all of the life on earth. However, now each day, some synthetic technological advancement ruining the atmosphere in lots of ways which ultimately interferes with the total amount or equilibrium of character. We're keeping our way of life at risk in addition to information on existence later on in the world.

When we do anything whatsoever in wrong way from the discipline of character, it interferes with the entire atmosphere means atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Besides natural atmosphere, a guy made atmosphere can also be is available which handles we've got the technology, work atmosphere, appearance, transportation, housing, utilities, urbanization, etc. Guy made atmosphere affects natural atmosphere to some large degree which all of us should be together in order to save it.

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Essay On Respect For Environment - Place your Order!
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